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15 February 2010 @ 08:01 pm

Since nobody could be bothered to keep uploading to this place and it's been dead now for several months, I've decided to call it quits and close punch_desu.

It was an epic four years and I'm sorry for the general deaths this place tended to have. Thank you to all of our 800+ members. ♥ Seriously surprised we garnered this much love from livejournal despite our laziness. :D

See you around! I'll keep occasionally updating for jp_underground (pssst: join it. :3)

Once again, I'm sorry it had to come to this but it was a great time. :)

release date: 02.12.2009
    01. shinseiki no love song (radio rip)
    02. Shiro ni Somero (unavailable)

download: MF
OR youtube preview

It's really different from their usual stuff. Not disappointed! I had been getting worried as their music in general has been getting bland since their Fanclub era, but at least their singles have been solid for the most part. I really enjoyed Fujisawa Loser, so now I'm waiting in excitement for the PV release of Shinseiki no Love Song.

*** Thanks to yejinzai from a_k_f_g and School of Lock for uploading it!
09 November 2009 @ 12:30 pm

Hideki Kaji - Lollipop
Genre: Shibuya-kei, Guitar pop, Indie pop
    1. 甘い恋人 -Album New Mix - (Amai Koibito)
    2. いとしのファニー・ガール feat.かせきさいだぁ≡ (Itoshi no Funny Girl feat. Kaseki Saidaa
    3. キス・キス・キッス (Kiss Kiss Kiss)
    4. ロリポップ・キャンディー (Lollipop Candy)
    5. エンジェリック・シンフォニー (Angelic Symphony)
    6. ハーフ・タイム feat.HALFBY (Half Time ft. HALFBY)
    7. ラズベリー・キッス (Raspberry Kiss)
    8. ハートは1つだけ feat.CORNELIUS (Hat wa 1tsudake feat.CORNELIUS)
    9. トゥー・マッチ・トゥー・ヤング (Too Much Too Young)
    10. ホーリー・ナイト (Holy Night)
    11. ありがとうはママンのぬくもり feat.小島麻由美 (arigatou wa maman no nukumori feat. Kozima Mayumi)

download: MF

"Amai Koibito" was featured on the popular Japanese movie, Detroit Metal City. So if you've watched it, you should definitely download this album. My personal favourite is "Itoshii no Funny Girl".
09 November 2009 @ 12:27 pm
Thanks to the headsup from a member, it's come to my attention that Mediafire deletes Ling Toshite Togure's "just A moment" album the moment it's uploaded. This is just to re-post to album and to let you know its original entry has been fixed.

ling toshite togure - just A moment
released: 2009.5.13
    01. ハカイヨノユメ (hakai yono yume)
    02. Hysteric Phase Show
    03. Tremolo+A
    04. JPOP Xfile
    05. a 7days wonder
    06. a over die
    07. Telecastic Fake Show
    08. seacret cm
    09. moment A rhythm (short ver.)
    10. mib126

preview: telecastic fake show
download: MU

09 November 2009 @ 12:25 pm
All their albums minus Fuck'n Best. I've been posting at jp_underground lately, so I'm going to x-post my stuff over here.

album: Alterna
genre: hip-hop, rock, alternative rock
01 . 神
02 . American Hero
03 . Road Ii 雷音
04 . ピンクㅡ·スパイダㅡ
05 . Heiwa
06 . Feeling
07 . 天と地の間に生きる少年
08 . Ghost
09 . 28
10 . 124℃
download: MF

5 more albums under hereCollapse )
30 September 2009 @ 09:34 am

9mm Parabellum Bullet - Cold Edge E.P
Released: 2009/09/30
    1.COLD EDGE // preview
    2.LIVE TRACK FROM "999" 09.09.09 AT BUDOKAN
download: part one (MF) // part two (MF) // join with HJsplit
mirror: MU (coming soon)

I LOVED THIS SINGLE BY THEM. Uh, I guess that sums it up.

In case you were wondering why the Black Market Blues E.P wasn't posted here, it's because I refuse to upload crap. I know people out there liked it, but I did not. It was just one noisy mess to me and I don't upload things I don't rec. It wasn't called Black Market Blues for nothing, because it certainly made me blue from how bad it was. Just personal opinion. With that rant out the way...

I think they must've had a bit of a style block because they came back 200x stronger with this single. Cold Edge is fantabulous and I wouldn't expect anything else out of these guys. Crazy, high energy and, well, fun! Give it a try.

And sorry for the split once again. The single ended up being a frickin' 120mb. Holy shit. I'll try to upload it to MU as one big file later (or unless anyone nice wants to do it for me ._.).
11 September 2009 @ 10:36 pm

Genre: varied (hip-hop, rock, electro, dance, post-rock, etc.)
    o1. Crown J - The King Iz Back (ft. Yeosedeo)
    o2. 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Discommunication
    o3. Joujouka - Rock is Sponge
    o4. TERIYAKI BOYZ - WORK THAT (ft. Chris Brown, Pharrell)
    o5. 80kidz - Getting You Off (Vocal: Hey Champ)
    o6. Instinct - PIAN
    o7. Supreme Team - Supermagic
    o8. te' - 他に寄せる信頼の大部分は、己の内に抱く自信から『生』まれる。 (rough trans: When you have confidence in others, confidence will be "born" in you.)
    o9. G-Dragon - Korean Dream (ft. Taeyang)
    1o. Suneohair - PINTO
    11. Drunken Tiger - Magic (il deohagi ileun syeos, tol, hana)
    12. Perfume - NIGHT FLIGHT
    13. Yuzu - Ao
    14. PixelToy - Hear and See
    15. Epik High - Fly (ft. Amin. J)
    16. My Little Airport - My Little Banana
    17. Virus - Mama
    18. capsule - e.d.i.t
    19. Luminous Orange - Drop You Vivid Colours
    2o. ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - Doudoumeguri no Yoru
    21. My Aunt Mary - 148km
    22. Hideki Kaji - Amai Koibito (Album New Mix)
    23. Nico Nico Douga Artists - Nico Nico Douga Monogatari (Karaoke ver.)
download: oo1. / oo2. / use HJsplit to join

A compilation of some of my favourite songs, this year and overall. Because Niconico Douga and Joujouka are 7 minutes and 20 minutes respectively (holy shit), this baby ended up being close to 200mb and thus split into two. So, don't forget to use HJsplit when finished downloading.

Anyway, I tried to be even in this. If I picked all my HOMG FAVOURITES OF THE NOW, this list would probably be split evenly between G-Dragon's solo album and Outsider's Maestro. As a result, I completely omitted any Outsider music (check Maestro though, that album wins my ALBUM OF THE YEAR award) and cut back on the AKFG, 9mmPB and K-pop in general. Also, I grudgingly added in Fly by Epik High because even though Epik High and I (lol rhyme) haven't been on good terms, Fly does have my favourite song lyrics ever.

There is a Thai, a few Chinese, mostly Japanese and Korean. I didn't add any Western artists in this mix for the simple fact I want this rotation to be strictly Asian music only, and I didn't want to get in trouble.

Babbling done, would any Punch Desu members like to collab for Punch Desu's 2009 mixtape? I think it would be a really fun project. If you think it's a keen idea, comment and let me know.

All right, I'm finished. Download and enjoy my mixtape for this year.
15 August 2009 @ 03:58 am

Yuzu - Going (2001-2005)
Released: 2005/6/8
    1. Eiko no kakehashi
    2. Again 2
    3. 3 Count
    4. Sumire
    5. Sakuragicho
    6. Humorous
    7. Shumi no Haba
    8. 3bansen
    9. Ao
    10. Hokosha Yusen
    11. Yume no Chizu
    12. Kokyu
    13. Mata Aeru Hi Made
    14. 1
    15. Going Home
preview: ao / sumire / 3bansen
download (mediafire): pt.1 & pt.2 (join with HJsplit)

Sorry I didn't upload Yuzu no Ne, but here's their Going compilation instead. So many of my old favourites by Yuzu on this, namely Ao, 3bansen, Sumire, Again 2, 3 Count... but I better stop here. XD I thought I uploaded the other Yuzu album, but anyway, if you like folksy Japanese artists then Yuzu would be a great reccomendation for you! They heavily influenced the duo WaT amongst others. They're huge in Japan and have been around for a really long time.

Watch 3ばんせ and learn recycling with Yuzu!

Vola & The Oriental Machine - SA-KA-NA ELECTRIC DEVICE
Released: 2009/7/29
    2. Turning Turning
    4. Dark Emperor
    5. No Dream
    6. In the morning
    7. The sea of the sand
    8. A sick island
    9. Dead or Dance!!
    10. キラキラ★Future days
youtube preview: turning turning / weekend lovers
download: MF

This is Vola's new album. I am slow on the uptake, so sorry for... the slowness. In my defense, Korean pretty boys are distracting and it is therefore completely their fault.

Moving on, ever since Vola lost their amazing guitarist Aoki Hiroshi, Inazawa decided to turn to the ways of synth. At first I thought "how cheap. Another freeloader on the electro wave", but after realizing this it made more sense.

Their new style and presence is pretty cool. I really dig the disco suit Inazawa was wearing in Weekend Lovers. He's crazy as always. I really enjoyed this album and their shift in style. It hasn't quite topped the genius of Concur, but I can understand the shift in musical styles. Looks like a bright new beginning for this group!

Side note for newbies to Vola, Inazawa is the drummer from Number Girl and has a reputation for being completely insane. He went to a live attached to his IV regardless of being sick and admitted to the hospital. That's my kind of man! After Number Girl broke up he went on to form Vola & The Oriental Machine.

Current Music: VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE - No Dream | Powered by Last.fm

Asian Kung-fu Generation Discography
Part One of Four

Excludes the singles and the Mugen-Compilations because I'm a lazy bastard and I would have to piece together the singles from my HD. Basically if you download Feedback File + any album, you have all the tracks minus a few live ones. And as for Mugen-Compilations, I'm only going to upload their indivudal MP3 and not the entire thing, unless I have an entire army of angry objections from the members. None? Good! Because I'm a lazy bastard.

Part 2 - Singles
Part 3 - MVs
Part 4 - Lives

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