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PUNCH! desu

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Punch desu.
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a music rotation heavily centred on japanese indie

This is a public album rotation ran by a bunch of weeaboos who love fapping to Asian music all day, especially Japanese indie! We would tell you to delete the files in 24 hours, but we don't do that and we certainly don't expect you to either!

So while you're tearing your hair out over all those ~ other ~ locked rotations uploading the same ol' stuff, we're standing tall and proud on LJ, our fruits free for the takin' because we like sharing.

  • Please buy the albums if you like what you hear. Yesasia and CDJapan are two great places to order from.

  • Comment if you like it! ... if you want. Well, it's not a big deal. The only thing we ask is to not repost links without permission in communities, or to add it to your personal discography or whatever.

  • Being a jerk in the comments is an instant ban, so don't do it dawg. PM the uploader if you have a complaint or leave it in the appropriate post here.

Any inquiries or affiliate requests can be left here.

baka_tenshi, itazurako
sleepyhead, pufferfish

aiyatheydidnt, aramatheydidnt, asiatronic
astroslider, audiobebop, blessingoflove
cute_sounds, drugtrax, ecoutezsvp
jia_ren_qu, k_indie, korean_rock
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quiteshiny, rocktheplanet, saikuron
soulcuts, tsunogae, waltz_sofa
yongwonhi, ying_zi_de_xin

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